Are Polymer Tiles Resistant to Pests?

In short, the answer to this question is, “Yes!”

Do you have a natural shake roof? If so, you may have had to treat your shingles with chemicals to keep the pests out as they are attracted to natural materials. In fact, some areas of the United States have such bad insect and pest infestations in roofs that they have to have chemicals sprayed on their roofs once or twice a year to keep the bugs out – NO THANKS!

However, man-made polymer like DaVinci tiles are not susceptible to many things including, insects, termites, rot, mold, mildew and freeze-thaw damage. With DaVinci polymer roof tiles you will have a worry-free and virtually maintenance free roof – no need to worry about wood rot or mold or mildew or any of those nasty pests lingering above your head on your roof!