Bats, Beavers and Pillow Fights!

It's April … time to fly a kite, get into a pillow fight or hug a plumber. All are popular April dedicated celebrations, along with embracing straw hats, beavers and even bats!

April has no shortfall of crazy things to celebrate … including the week of 19-25 which is International Whistlers Week AND National Karaoke Week. But at DaVinci Roofscapes, we prefer to focus on another occurrence happening over those same dates — National Consumer Awareness Week.

We think it's important that consumers have all the details before making a major purchase for their home. That's why we take great steps to share specifics on how our composite roofing materials are constructed (see our plant tour VIDEO).

By understanding the steps we take to create quality designer roof materials, we hope you'll feel confident about your polymer roofing investment. Because we offer a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, we believe this will be the one and only luxury roof you purchase for your home.

So, go ahead and have fun with National Garlic Day, Laugh at Work Week and No Housework Day in April. But when it comes time for some serious thought about replacing the roof on your home, think DaVinci.