Batter Up … Polymer Roofing Takes a Beating

Over the years our polymer roofing tiles have taken a beating from Mother Nature and some of our media friends. They’ve all illustrated how durable composite roofing can be from DaVinci Roofscapes.

With both baseball and hurricane seasons now in full swing, we wanted to once again share with you the capabilities of our simulated shake and slate roofing materials. DaVinci state-of-the-art tiles are made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers and a highly-specialized fire retardant. These elements combine to create an enduring roof that performs beautifully in any climate.

Take a look at how Mark Clement, with MyFixItUpLife put our polymer shake and slate roofing tiles to the test. From hitting away with a baseball bat all the way up to a sledge hammer, you can see why the durable DaVinci tiles have received the Class 4 impact rating.

Next, look at the second video from our friends at Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford. These creative guys weren’t happy with just smashing a baseball bat on our tiles … they actually froze our polymer roofing tiles and then tried to damage them. When that didn’t work, they took a flame torch to our durable tiles!

As you can see, at DaVinci, we made a good thing better. Our polymer roofing tiles resist fading, rotting, cracking, pest, plus high winds, hail and fire. They even resist the testing efforts of “boys with toys” who like to play with sledgehammers and flame torches!