Be Picky When Picking a Roofing Contractor

Have you seen the TV commercial, “Choosy Moms Choose Jif?” Well, that peanut butter maker has the right idea. Be selective when making an important decision. That’s why the experts at DaVinci Roofscapes recommend you “be picky” when picking the roofing contractor for your home re-roofing project.

Start by asking friends, neighbors, roofing material distributors and general contractors for recommendations. To find a qualified contractor, check out the tips we recently offered in our “The Hunt for a Qualified Roofing Contractor” blog.

When you start interviewing contractors (and we recommend you speak with several of them in order to identify two or three contractors you wish to request a written proposal from for your project), bring a list of questions to the meeting. Here’s a good starting point for you:

    • How long have you been in business?


    • Do you have liability and worker’s compensation insurance that covers all your employees?


    • Do you have experience installing polymer roofing tiles?


    • Are you familiar with codes for my area?


    • Can you provide me with three to five references of similar types of re-roof projects that I can view and homeowners I can contact?


    • Who will actually be installing my roof? Have this crew worked with synthetic roofing products in the past?


    • Where are you purchasing my roofing materials from?


    • What type of weather conditions will you and will you not work in?


    • Do you have a contractor’s license for our area?


    • To what extent do you warrant your workmanship?


    • How long do you believe our re-roofing project will take from start to finish?


    • What are your daily disposal practices for the old roofing materials?


Begin by getting comfortable with the roofers you interview and their answers. Once you can identify two or three roofers you’re very interested in, the next step is to request a written proposal. Find out what that proposal should include by checking out our next  DaVinci blog!

If you need to take a step backwards in this process, check out Who Can Install DaVinci Polymer Roofing?