Before & After: Trapped in Cookie Cutter Land

At first glance you might why these owners entered the contest. Their home looks rather nice so why would they want to shake it up? I think the title they gave their entry “trapped in cookie cutter land” and the rendering of the post-renovated home answer that question loud and clear.

Starting at the top I replaced the roof with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in the Brownstone color blend, which was a big improvement to the builder grade asphalt that is on the home now. This one change alone added major curb appeal.

Next, I painted the garage door to match the color in the gable above the front porch to keep the wide, unattractive door from visually advancing. Most builders and homeowners don’t realize how leaving the garage door white distracts the eye and makes the home feel out of balance. The two sides of the home will instantly look more in balance when the garage door is painted to match the home rather than looking like an empty billboard.

The front door was replaced with a Therma-Tru Canvas Craft door with two sidelights. The door was then painted Tanager, a deep red-orange to focus the eye off center and to the right, another technique to give more weight to the right side of the home. Any extraneous elements surrounding the house were removed in the rendering so that you can better see how all of the elements of the home are now in balance.

To give the homeowners the privacy they desired I replaced the columns of peeling paint and rotting fiberboards on the porch with a Fypon columns and balustrade system. After widening the steps to the full width of the opening Fypon rail pieces would be added to act like open arms to welcome family and friends.

The narrow walkway to the driveway and the skimpy area between the walk and porch were doing nothing to enhance the exterior. A wider walkway that curved away from the home replaced the existing walk created an area for landscaping.

A good landscape design and further enhance the appeal of a home. Good design, color and a dash of the homeowner’s personality can go a long way towards making this home stand out from similar homes in the neighborhood.

Cookie cutter no more! This home proves that makeovers are not just for distressed homes or fixer uppers. Even a nice home can be renovated into the neighborhood knockout.

Which home gets your vote?