Benefits of a DaVinci Polymer Roof

DaVinci Roofscapes makes both simulated shake shingles and synthetic slate roof shingles. Our shake and slate products are made from 100% virgin resin, so they are a man-made product that looks like their natural counterpart, but has superior performance.

DaVinci SlateHere is a run down of the benefits of our polymer roof systems:

    • Looks: Our products have the aesthetic appeal of the natural product, but without the performance issues.


    • Thickness: Since our product is man-made, we are able to achieve a thickness that matches that of a premium shake or a premium slate shingle, without the extra cost.


    • Widths: You have the ability to select either a single-width or multi-width product – whichever suits your tastes.



    • Lightweight: Our tiles are designed to be lightweight – about the same weight as an asphalt shingle roof.


    • Waste: During the installation process, our shingles can be installed in a way that makes for very little waste.


    • Fire Retardance: Our products have achieved a Class A fire rating (with appropriate underlayments).


    • Wind Resistance: Our products have a straight line wind resistance rating up to 110 mph.


    • Impact Resistance: Out products have an impact resistance of Class 4.


  • Freeze/Thaw Resistance: Since they are man made, our polymer roof tiles do not have the expansion and contraction issues that a natural product would.

Do you have a DaVinci roof? What added features and benefits have you found from having one of our polymer roofs?  We want to hear your roof story.