Bone-Chilling Polymer Roofing Installations

Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota. St. Cloud and Duluth, Minnesota. What do these northern cities have in common? They're on the "Top 10" list of Coldest Cities in the USA!

Polymer ShakeWhile not many roofers would want to be out installing lightweight roofing systems in the dead of winter, it's good to know they can "get the job done" with DaVinci Roofscapes as soon as the temperatures warm up to about 20 degrees.

Many roofing products must be seasonally installed, but the unique composition of DaVinci synthetic roofing materials resists temperature extremes, making it possible to install the fake slate and shake alternative roofing tiles in all types of weather (see Cold Weather? Bring on the DaVinci Roofing Tiles!). Man-made polymer roof tiles from DaVinci have no freeze/thaw issues and have passed the freeze-thaw ICC-ES Test (Acceptance Criteria AC07, section 4.9) with exposure to temperatures from -40 F to 180 F in 22 hour cycles for approximately a month.

In addition, when conditions heat up, DaVinci composite roofing products keep their cool. The synthetic shake and imitation slate roof products resist fire, high wind and impact. The recyclable designer roof tiles are made of 100 percent pure virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable product. Designed to provide lasting value, the Class A Fire Rated roofing tiles have consistent color blended throughout and come with a long-life warranty.

So, while you may not want to be installing a roof in Rochester or Coon Rapids, Minnesota (two other cities on the "Top 10" list) it's great to know that a luxury roof from DaVinci can indeed be installed in these chilly climates as soon as it warms up to 20 degrees!