Carefree Thanksgiving … Thanks to DaVinci Roofscapes

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we stop to express thanks for our family, friends, health and home … and, for the roof overhead.

Polymer RoofingWithout a secure roof, our home and loved ones would be susceptible to damage from rain, winds, hail and storms. With a secure roof, we all sleep easier at night and don't worry as much when the winds howl. And, with the impact resistance features of synthetic roofing material from DaVinci Roofscapes, we even rest easier when severe weather strikes. (See Why DaVinci?)

Made of durable polymer roofing materials, DaVinci imitation slate and composite shake roofing can stand up to Mother Nature. If she sends hail down, it simply bounces off these strong roof tiles. If she blows embers from a nearby wildfire onto DaVinci's Class A Fire Rated synthetic roofing material, it won't ignite. And, if she drops tree limbs onto the roof, the impact won't damage the DaVinci's eco friendly roof that has a Class 4 Impact Rating under the UL 2218 standard (and, did you know that a DaVinci roof can handle 110 mph straight line winds!).

This Thanksgiving, along with being thankful for your home, remember to be thankful for your DaVinci roof and its lifetime limited warranty. It's what stands between the ones you love and Mother Nature.