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slate roof

Slate Roof Tiles Pros and Cons

You have to love the look of a real slate roof on a home. Who wouldn’t? Natural slate has a… Read More

composite slate roofing synthetic slate tiles

Composite Slate Roofing Options for Every Home

For almost two decades DaVinci Roofscapes has been an industry leader in composite slate options for homes. From coast to… Read More

Slate Roof

Historic Homes from Coast to Coast

Pennsylvania. Virginia. Iowa. California. All across America you can find historic homes that have been enhanced with DaVinci composite slate… Read More

Slate roofing shingles

Synthetic Slate Choices

Choices. That’s what you get when deciding on a synthetic slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. At DaVinci, we offer three… Read More

Slate Roof

Slate: Mother Nature Versus Man-Made

Real quarried slate has many uses: flooring, chalkboards, signage, and of course, slate roofs. The benefit of real slate as… Read More

Fake Slate

A Love Affair with Slate Roofs

Let’s face it … some people are in love with heavy, old, real slate roofs. They think the algae growing… Read More

Fake Slate

Realistic Profile Imitation Slate Tiles

Patios. Walkways. Stairs. Flooring. To us, this sounds like a good use for real slate. But for roofs? No way…. Read More


Polymer Slates — Easy as 1-2-3

Click HERE  (or watch video below) to see how Tim Carter, with AsktheBuilder.com, explains his new DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate… Read More


Thinking Asphalt Roofing? Think Again.

If you’re in the researching stage of getting a new roof for your home, you’re likely looking at several alternatives… Read More

Fake Slate

Is it Real or is it DaVinci?

Can you tell the difference between real slate and our newly-enhanced Multi-Width Slate and Bellaforté Slate tiles? After the successful… Read More

Fake Slate Roof

New Profile for DaVinci Multi-Width Slate Roof Tiles

We've taken a great product and made it even better! The DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate polymer roof tiles have now been… Read More

Fake Slate

DaVinci Roofscapes Bragging Rights

We don’t like to brag … but … it IS Self Promotion Month … and Let’s Talk Month. So, this… Read More

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