Celebrating Made in USA Day with American-Made Building Products

Happy Independence Day! Did you know that the 4th of July is also “Made in America Day?” This yearly celebration shines a spotlight on products made in the USA by American workers.

Heiland Roofing

At DaVinci Roofscapes, our composite slate and shake roofing and siding products are proudly Made in America. We operate a facility in Lenexa, Kansas where our team works. Almost 60 production and warehouse staff, plus 16 manufacturing supervisors and managers spend each day crafting our tiles.

Commitment to Excellence

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At DaVinci we are committed to American workers, product excellence, and, to a large extent, American customers. Having our operations in Kansas makes our products available very fast. And, it also allows a contractor to quickly receive our composite shake and slate tiles for their next project.

Red, White & Blue … and Green

We’re not just a company that’s located in America. We are a company that works tirelessly to not leave a footprint of our operations.

What does that mean?

It means we reprocess and regrind every piece of scrap in house for secondary use. That’s about 800,000 pounds of composite materials each year.

Hand-Split Siding Slate Blue

Where does all that scrap come from?

For example, if there are tiles coming off our production line that do not meet our high expectation levels, they are recycled for starter tiles. And, when we switch colors of tiles on the production line, the “changeover” tiles are recycled.

Producing less of a footprint also led us to investing in new blending equipment recently. The machinery helps lower our changeover tiles. This means we’re producing less scrap. In the end, 100 percent of everything we manufacture is used in our plant. We’re proudly a “Zero Scrap Manufacturer.”

This July 4th take time to consider the big ticket products you purchase for your home. From kitchen appliances to replacement windows to roofing. By choosing to purchase items Made in America, you support American workers and companies committed to producing top-quality products.