Chattanooga Charmer

We are currently renovating and adding an addition and a garage and guest house to this home in Chattanooga, TN. We are going with a warm white, creamy white for painting the new siding and either painting the red brick the same or going with a lime wash for the brick. We are also adding copper drains and downspouts and a large hanging gas lantern with shutters flanking the front door (and a new front door). I wanted your advice on the roof before I order the samples! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! LOVE the blog! Let me know if you want more pictures!

Amanda Jackson
Chattanooga, TN
Product: Slate or Shake


Hello Ms. Jackson,

You have a "can't go wrong" situation with your style and colors. Any of the DaVinci colors or blends would look lovely on your home with the warm creamy white main color. You do mention adding the copper drains and downspouts so let me point out some colors that will play off of that detail.

Warm shades of browns can work well long-term with copper finishes that can take many years to fully reach their patina. If the copper will be purchased with the patina in place these warm shades will still work well. Whatever stage the cooper is in the patina process, the base color of the copper continues to influence the surface color.

Here is a blog post I wrote about it that will give you more details:

Will Your Roof Color Work With Copper Two, Ten or Twenty Years From Now? – See more at:

Will Your Roof Color Work With Copper Two Ten or Twenty Years From Now

Going with a warmer color for the roof will not only blend beautifully with your new main color but will also give the home a really new look after having seen it with gray for many years.

I know that isn't too specific but as I said before just about any color would be a good choice. Same goes for slate or shake. Go with what pleases you and then add a pop of a complementary color to give personality to your new front door. I think you'll be pleased with your new color scheme.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert