Chicken Wings, Cheesecake and Caviar

Every month seems to have a different theme … and July is all about food.

strawberry swirl cheesecakeIf you’re hungry, this is the month for you! Month-long celebrations in July are dedicated to grilling, blueberries, ice cream and hot dogs. Special mini-festivities focus on beans and bacon, garlic and even baby food.

You can actually “eat your way through” July with a different food festival every day. There’s International Chicken Wing Day, French Fry Day, Mac & Cheese Day, Slurpee Day (on 7-11!), Cheesecake Day and Lasagna Day. For those with discriminating tastes there’s also National Caviar Day. And, if all that eating makes you a little lazy, don’t worry … July 24th is National Drive Thru Day!

At DaVinci Roofscapes we think it’s fun to share these crazy, offbeat celebrations with you each month. We know you can’t be thinking about your home and your roof all the time. After all, you have to eat!

chicken wings But, when you do start thinking about a roof replacement, we hope you’ll consider our synthetic roofing material. Made to withstand severe weather, fire and impact, our polymer slate and composite shake roofing tiles are durable and reliable.

Another note … stick to the cheesecake and chicken wings this month. Neither you nor insects can eat our polymer roofing. While our composite roofing may look “good enough to eat” … they’re termite-resistant so insects and critters will have to look somewhere else for their next meal!