Choosing Colors That Last

Your DaVinci natural looking polymer slate and cedar shake roof tiles can stand up to extreme weather conditions. Can the colors on the rest of your home?

A perfect color combination for this home exterior
(DaVinci Slate, Slate Gray Blend)

Your color selection has a strong influence on paint performance because the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light absorbed or reflected by the color affects how long a paint job will last.

Dark colors absorb heat and suffer more moisture problems than lighter shades. That’s why lighter colors last longer and fade less than dark colors. And because dark colors fade faster, they are more difficult to touch up.

When you are considering the color scheme for your home keep the following in mind:

*Be aware that all colors are not created equal.  Some are alkali-sensitive and cannot be used successfully on certain surfaces, such as new masonry.  Always check the manufacture information for color limitations.

Darker colors compliment rubber slate and shake roofs

*Consider the exposure of the surface to be painted since southern exposure receives the most UV light and will fade more quickly than a surface facing north.

*Brighter reds, blues, and greens tend to fade more quickly than beige, brown, tan or other earth-tone colors.


Tan, brown, beige and earth-tone colors work well with imitation shake and slate roofs

*Always use high-quality paints for your home’s exterior. Investing the time to carefully select your paint and even spending a bit more can really pay off.  High quality paint has superior color retention, better adhesion and is more resistant to chalking.