Color Difficulties… Please Help

I’m having difficulties picking the right colors on my home. There is too much dark red tone.

Marine City, MI
Product: I’m not sure.


You have a lovely home and it will look even nicer with a new roof that complements the existing colors and downplays the reddish tones.

On your style home you have the choice of going with either the slate or shake profile.​

There are two color directions that I recommend. Go with a brown that is darker in color than the brick and more brown/black than brown/red. The DaVinci Mountain blend would be a good fit. If you prefer to keep the trim in the brown family this would be a good choice. When it is time to repaint choose a brown that blends with the tones in your new roof.

Or you could go gray. European blend slate be a good choice because it has a few brownish tiles placed throughout that would blend with your brick and window frames. A solid gray could also work. In either case you could then change your main and accent colors to light gray/dark gray to update the overall look of your home while still going with a color scheme that would respect its history.

I hope that helps you to make your selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert