Color Help in Oklahoma!

Need help on color.

I’m looking to replace my existing cedar shake roof & I’m considering DaVinci Multi-Width Shakes. Photos are attached of my red brick home, with a white stone entry, mahogany entry door & garage doors, copper flashing above a bay window & tan-painted trim.

I’d like advice on good (or bad) colors of DaVinci Multi-Width Shakes, in light of my red brick, etc.

My contractor provided sample of two colors (weathered grey & mountain), so my impression of the other colors are based upon DaVinci’s website.

My top choices are Mountain and Autumn. I’m a little concerned that an autumn roof would be too much brown, in light of my brown entry door & my brown garage doors, and because of the slope of my roof, any roof color will be prominent.

I’ve eliminated the Weathered Gray and New Cedar as too light. I suspect that the Chesapeake color is also too light. Based upon photos on the DaVinci website, the Tahoe color appears to have some purple hue, which offends my eye.

So, I’m somewhat leaning towards Mountain, with Autumn as a second choice.

I welcome your thoughts. Thanks.

Product: Multi-Width Shake

Dear Mr. Cleveland,

I think you have narrowed it down to two good choices and like you I prefer the Mountain blend over the Autumn blend for your home.

I think that the Autumn blend is too close in color, value and pattern to your brickwork. It is better to have more contrast than the Autumn blend will give you with your existing colors.

The Mountain blend will give you contrast and also blend well with the tones in your brick and doors. I think it will also work well with the colors in the stone around your entrance. It would be a good choice for your new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert