Color Help – Which Color Blend Multi-Width DaVinci Slate for My Home?


First, thank you for an amazing product! I will be using the Multi-Width DaVinci but need help with the color, please. I like the Aberdeen and Vineyard but would appreciate your thoughts. I've included a picture of my home. I will be changing the red door and shutters are no longer there.

Thank you,

Dawn Volland
Riverside, IL
Product: Multi-Width DaVinci




Hi Dawn,

I am glad to hear that you love our product. We do too! 

As for your color choices, either would work on your home very nicely. I prefer the Vineyard blend a little bit better because since you like the multiple color blends I believe you would enjoy the slightly more colorful blend. Aberdeen would also work and just be a bit more muted. It really is just a matter of your personal taste.

Just a couple of other tips. I am glad you removed the shutters and like the color of your front door. If you were to paint, staying with red would be a good choice. If you wanted a change, picking up on one of the other colors in the roof but deeper or darker would give you some additional options.

I would change the color of your railing so that it doesn't match the door. A bronze or color to match your window frames would be a better choice that would add strength to the entrance and keep the main attention on your door.

The brown you have now is also fine but if you do ever repaint the brown I would consider a slightly more bronze brown such as SW  6160 Best Bronze rather than the true brown you have now. I think with your new roof and the brick it would be a good color to bridge the two and also feel a bit updated.

I hope that advice helps you to make a decision for your lovely home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert