Color Trends 2018 Part 1 – Warm Tones

Mountain Shake Paris RainRed Color Trends 2018

Why red? Because it is “strong, radiant and full of energy.” It instills confidence and calls people to action. Whatever your personal mission and goals for 2018, shades of red can help move you forward.

Why now? It is just that this year red has been seen everywhere. It has been prominent in museum shows, on fashion runways, and the color red and its many derivatives from magenta to dusty rose or baby pink created a sea of color see at the Women’s March in January of last year.

Red is now being seen in consumer products as diverse as kitchen appliances, mobile phones, automobiles and home interiors and exteriors.

Benjamin Moore named Caliente AF-290 as their Color of the Year. It is a warm, enveloping hue that can be easier to live with than bright, pure red. Caliente AF-290 is very charismatic color yet not overwhelming. This is a red that is spicy and toned down. Strong but inviting. Caliente is muted just enough to make it feel like it wraps you in a warm, comfortable, and protective blanket.

When used on the front door, red is like a punctuation mark. This is by far my favorite way to use red for a home. exterior.

Smokey Gray Knitting Needles

Don’t worry about red going out of style as some trend colors do. Red never goes out of style and you can find a red that works with every roof color.

Pink Color Trends 2018

Brownstone Repose GrayWhile red speaks loud and clear, this year pink speaks more quietly. Rose gold and the soft pink dubbed Millineal pink because of its popularity with both males and females in this demographic have now evolved into a subtle, toned-down pink.

European Paint company Dulux named a warm, grayed-pink, Heart Wood, their color of the year because they “identified a global need for homes to feel even more nurturing than before.”

Sherwin-Williams also included a neutral pink, Sashay Sand SW 6051 and Benjamin Moore included shades of soft pink in their trends palette, too – Texas Rose 2092-40 and Pleasant Pink 2094-60 and the white they chose to highlight for 2018 -White Opulence- has a very slight pink undertone.

Pink isn’t often a color used as the main color on an exterior but it can give a home a touch of comfort when used as an accent. On the front door, it can be like a warm hug welcoming you home and ushering you in to nestle down and retreat from the outside world.

Gen Z Yellow

Weathered Gray Pewter CastYellow is another color that you will be seeing more of in 2018. Just as pink was embraced by the Millenial generation, yellow is the color of Gen Z. This color that first emerged as part of a youthful art movement and is now poised on the horizon set to brighten our lives in 2018.

Shades from pale yellow to mustard can be used as the main color or as a happy accent.