Color Trends 2019: Connect

When it comes to color trends, it is inspiring to see the colors but the reasons behind why these colors are trending right now are perhaps even more interesting. In this series of three blog posts, you’ll see trending colors curated for the trends being reported by the top paint brands and gain insights into why these colors and why now. From all of the colors on trend for 2019, I’ve used my expertise to cull the colors best suited for home exteriors. The first set of colors is called “Connect”.


As the world grows more crowded and anonymous, tracing ancestry allows people to feel more connected to others, says Eviatar Zerubavel, a sociologist at Rutgers University in N.J., and discovering our roots has never been easier. A DNA kit and access to the Internet can reveal our unique makeup and connects us to our ancestors. Exploring our heritage and celebrating our lineage shows up in the colors that we desire.

Color Trends 2019 Exterior Connect

The colors of this palette have a look that is as if they were well-worn or handed down from another generation. Each hue is a toned down version of a color that once was brighter but has mellowed with time. These are ageless hues that blend past, present, future and cross cultures. Use one or all of these colors to design your own heirloom look.

Inspired by these trend colors?

It isn’t unusual to be attracted to trending colors. It may not be that you want to hip, stylish or always be trendy. When a color forecast has been well researched the colors selected meet an unspoken desire a majority of people have at the moment. In this case, it’s a deeper connection.

Why not give your home a refresher for 2019 by repainting your front door?  It is your home’s version of a new putting on a new lipstick color. It’s the same lovely face with just a small change but the new color magically uplifts your whole look. The same for your home.

Color TRENDs 2019 Shake MW Black Oak Dhurrie Beige

Above you can see how Cavern Clay is beautiful with this neutral exterior color scheme but any of the colors in the Connect trend palette would work as an accent color. These colors all work with a wide range of main colors.

Find a color that is just right for your home. To get you started, here are some paint colors that fit the Color Trends 2019 Connect palette:

Connect Color 1
Sherwin-Williams SW 9150 Endless Sea 1
PPG Deep Emerald PPG1148-7 2
Behr Blueprint S470-5 3 (Behr Color of the Year 2019)
Benjamin Moore Beau Green 2054-20 4

Connect Color 2
Sherwin-Williams SW 2704 Merlot 1
PPG Chilled Wine PPG1045-7 2
Behr Raisin In The Sun N120-6 3

Connect Color 3
Sherwin-Williams SW 0041 Dard Hunter Green 1
PPG Night Watch PPG1145-7 2 (PPG Color of the Year 2019)
Behr Vine Leaf N400-7 3
Benjamin Moore Hunter Green 2041-10 4

Connect Color 4
Sherwin-Williams SW 6404 Grandiose 1
PPG Bronze Eucalyptus PPG16-20 2
Behr Amber Autumn S290-5 3

Connect Color 5
Sherwin-Williams SW 7701 Cavern Clay 1
PPG Fire Weed PPG1056-6 2
Behr Mars Red PPU2-11 3

Color Trends 2019 Palettes from Popular Paint Companies

The colors above are a subset of all of the colors trending for 2019-2020. You can see each company’s complete color trend palette at the links below:

1 Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Color Forecast 2019

2 PPG Pittsburgh Paints Voice of Color – Color Trends 2019

3 Behr Color Trends for 2019

4 Benjamin Color Trends for 2019

In my next two posts, you’ll discover the trends called “Disconnect” and “Reconnect”. Check back each Wednesday for these and other insights on FRESH Color for Your Home Exterior.