Color Trends for Your Home Exterior – Part Four

Color trends can definitely serve as an inspiration to people who are making changes to their home exteriors. Most homeowners will find that the palettes that work best for them are those that align with their personalities. People should start with that idea in mind and then find the version of the color that works best for their home designs.

Free Spirited: Color Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Designers dip into the brighter side of the palette to create energetic color schemes and clever color combinations. Bluebird, Aquarium, Rustic Pottery, Gambol Gold and Calypso Berry all add a dose of playfulness and humor to any space.

What’s Driving the Color Trends?

With a need to rise above the fray of overwhelming everyday minutiae, playful colors beckon us to step over to the lighter side of life. We need to have fun, a few laughs among friends, and enough carefree moments to reinvigorate our zest for life.

How is this Trend Influencing Design?

Our lives are ever-changing, and our style less formal than in previous decades. We want to be entertained and to experiment with new ideas. Our homes become a place to both stimulate our creativity and express our personality. More is more when it comes to color, pattern, and texture, all of which will be used to create carefully edited Instagram-worthy spaces.

Color Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Free Spirited Weathered Gray Nature’s Gift

Blue is a color that everyone likes. In fact, it is the color most often named as a favorite by both men and women. As comfortable as a pair of jeans, find a denim-inspired hue that is just right for your home’s color scheme.

Color Trends Multi-Width Slate Vineyard

Keep gray from feeling stern or weighty by adding bright berry as an accent. Just a bit of bright color at the door is all it takes for the most serious color scheme to reveal a smile.

Free Spirited Multi-Width Shake Mountain

Throw open the door and take a deep breath. Bright turquoise complements your off white and brown color scheme and shows the world your spry, adventurous side.

Color Trends Mountain Dover White

Gold is considered a classic but its bold look and sunny disposition won it a place in this color trends palette. When you want to be on-trend and traditional at the same time, gold is the way to go.

This is the final palette of the four directions for color trends. If you missed my other post for 2020-2021 color trends, each illustrated with exterior color schemes, you can find them here: Part 1 Full Circle and Part 2 Go Lightly.

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