Composite Roofing Custom Colors No Problem at DaVinci Roofscapes

A swatch of your favorite forest green rug. A sample of sand-colored concrete tile. A burgundy velvet curtain. If you can send us a sample, DaVinci Roofscapes can create a custom color of composite roofing tiles just for you.

custom colors composite roofing    custom colors composite roofing

“People send us pieces of carpets, concrete tiles and velvet curtains asking us to match the colors to their synthetic shake or slate roofing tiles,” says Tyler Newsome, manager of process engineering at DaVinci Roofscapes. “The incredible thing is that we are able to use our advanced engineering systems to create a match for the exact colors they are looking for on composite roofing tiles.”

Newsome explains that, by using a spectrophotometer, his team gets a solid read on the item sent in to define its color and values. By working with DaVinci’s colorant suppliers, a sample color is created. Then it’s matched to the item originally submitted for accuracy.

custom colors composite roofing tyler newsomeAfter the custom color has been achieved, the team manufactures samples of the custom color on composite roofing materials. These are sent to the homeowner for review and approval. Including some potential changes, the start-to-finish time frame for creating a new, custom color could be 13 weeks or longer.

“While we offer 49 standard colors for our composite roofing, we’re here to create custom colors for homeowners looking for something specific for their homes,” says Newsome.

“We have the processes in place to make magic happen when it comes to custom colors. Whether someone sends us a paint swatch or a scarf showing their favorite color, we can match it.

“This gives people the ability to create a seashell pink composite slate roof for a home in Bermuda or a burnt pumpkin synthetic shake roof for a desert home. If you can dream up the color, we can create it at DaVinci.”