Composite Roofing Helps Bring Homebuyers in the Door

With National Curb Appeal Month in our rear view mirror, there’s still more we can share about how composite roofing helps sell homes.

According to Vincent Stanson, a realtor in New Jersey with more than 20 years experience, the first thing buyers look at on a home is the roof — including its appearance and overall condition.

“Buyers are looking at the ‘big ticket items’ and trying to determine what they may have to replace within the first few years of ownership,” says Stanson, with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. “Seeing a composite roof overhead that looks great, adds to the curb appeal of the home, and has a strong warranty is very inviting to the potential buyer.”

Importance of Curb Appeal

Stanson, who has sold hundreds of homes in the northern New Jersey area, provides these insights on a home with DaVinci roofing.


“This home has really great curb appeal,” says Stanson. The roof selection has a good visual contrast with the other elements of the exterior, plus the landscaping ‘sits’ perfectly for the unique layout of this home.

“I think this house would have a great chance of selling in a very short time. The welcoming exterior definitely invites you to explore the interior.”

Buyers: Check Out the Roof

Realtor David Slawson echoes Stanson’s view that roofs are an important aspect for people to consider when purchasing a home.

“I think a roof is probably the second most looked at feature of a home following the foundation,” says Slawson, a 19-year realtor currently with ReeceNichols Country Club Plaza in Kansas. “In my experience, the buyer has more interest in the roof than the seller. The buyer wants to know the condition of the roof and how much life expectancy remains.”

According to Slawson, who sells homes in both Kansas and Missouri, a composite roof with a lifetime warranty can be an advantage for a buyer. “Depending on the neighborhood, a composite roof could make a strong aesthetic statement,” says Slawson. “Probably the durability and life of the roofing tile would be a deciding factor. Certainly those aspects should be important to any home buyer.”