Composite Slate Roofs Top Custom Homes

Imagine your dream home … maybe it has an indoor ice rink, it sits by the lake or it has an indoor basketball court. Maybe it looks like a castle, or has a maintenance-free custom slate roof, or heated floors. Whatever you can dream, Hendel Homes can build it.

For the past 19 years the team at Hendel Homes has crafted custom homes in Minnesota that exceed the expectations and dreams of their clients. To create properties that most people only dream of, this custom builder pushes the boundaries with exciting design styles while using the best products available.

Extreme Dream Homes

One example of luxury living is the 13,000-square-foot Lakeside Bluff Point home. Standing on 1.5 acres of lakefront property, this expansive home boasts an indoor pool, sport court and indoor ice rink. There are also five bedrooms and eight baths for family and guests. And, overhead there’s a composite slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Hendel Homes davinci roofscapes composite slate

“We wanted the look of slate but without the maintenance hassles,” says Rick Hendel, owner of Hendel Homes in Wayzata, Minnesota. “We’ve used DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate products on several of our home projects. We source and recommend this roofing product for many projects … and we actually have three more homes specked with DaVinci right now. This is a quality composite roofing product that complements the high standards we bring to each project.”

Quality Counts

Selecting a top-quality multi-width slate product is only half the job for Hendel. “Our roofs are a critical design element on our homes, so the roofing installer we choose is extremely important,” says Hendel. “For the Lakeside Bluff Point home and another project we recently completed, we chose New Line Roofing. We’ve discovered that Brandon Haug is a great business owner and his team does quality work.

“The amount of detail and attention his company puts into their work is exceptional. We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best product to our customers. Clearly New Line Roofing has adopted that same business principle.

“Our homes have uncompromising quality and standards. That’s what we’ve seen from Brandon and his roofing team.”

Detailed Roofing Work

For the Lakeside Bluff Point and the European Tudor Estate properties constructed by Hendel Homes, New Line Roofing executed specialized work in custom flashings, soldered copper work and composite slate roofing installation.

“I’m truly proud of the work we’ve done on these homes,” says Haug, owner of New Line Roofing out of Plymouth, Minnesota. “There were so many details we handled. For the European Tudor Estate project I went to great personal lengths to make sure every element of this roof was perfect.

Hendel Homes davinci roofscapes composite slate

“We made the masonry and flashing details authentic to the style of the home. This was a brand new home built to look like it had been there a long time. This meant laying out ‘steps’ in the flashing that made it look like masonry block coming through the rooflines. Where the masonry block changed to brick, we changed up the flashing style to be authentic for how bricks would have been flashed at that time.

“The snow guards and custom copper gutters are also special. The gutters had to be hung from the roof sheathing with special brackets because the fascia had crown moulding. We installed all the exterior carpentry work on this home, such as cedar soffits and fascia, crown and brackets, which allowed us to control the eave and rake conditions.”

Quality Composite Slate Tiles

For Haug, the selection by Hendel Homes of DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing tiles was the ideal product to work with for the custom homes.

“The DaVinci product has a high-end look and durability built into each piece,” says Haug. “The authenticity of the multi-width slate is a draw for us, especially when we can combine it with more traditional/Old World flashing techniques like soldered copper flashings.

“Whether it’s installed in connection with a custom project like those with Hendel Homes or storm damage restoration, we appreciate the many features of the DaVinci product. The composite slate tiles have a high-end look, they’re lightweight and easy to install, plus the price is competitive. From what I’ve seen, there’s no better composite roofing product available on the market.”