Copper or Metal that Works with Your Roof Color

Copper Accents with Castle Gray

Will a copper accent roof or elements work with my new polymer roof color?

Asking about coordinating two materials is a question that comes up often, especially with copper. Many homeowners are unsure how their new roof color and metal accents will look together in the future since copper naturally changes color over the years.

Copper oxidizes with exposure to the environment. Rather than rust, it morphs from a shiny yellow-orange to deep brown, then green finally becomes dull bluish-green. As the process occurs, the finish it develops is known as patina. Copper patina is called verdigris. The term comes from the French phrase “verte grez.”

Copper Patina Colorrs

This chart is based on the colors of Denniger Patina

The chart above shows how the color naturally advances from bright and new to rich, chocolaty-brown to dark verdigris to the almost white of an old copper decoration.

In some geographic locations, copper develops a patina faster or with a different hue than in others. The chart is a guide. Look for examples of aged copper in your area to help give you an idea about what colors to expect.

If the copper, it can be added new and age naturally or purchased with patina applied. The style you choose will depend on whether you prefer the changes during the aging process or would like to have a particular patina effect.

Pairing DaVinci Slate and Shake with Copper

DaVinci Slate and Shake’s beauty is that all of the colors are drawn from nature, as is this metal. All 49 tones harmonize with it at any age. Still, you may find some combinations more appealing than others.

The colors in your DaVinci roof will not change, so if it has a permanent patina, you can select a pair that will look consistent for years. Alternately, you can pick a roof that you will enjoy as your copper ages naturally.

Copper has an affinity for the warm tones in DaVinci polymer shake or slate tiles. Look at how shake blends like Tahoe, Autumn, and Mountain go great with new and any of the patinas of copper. Any of these DaVinci Shake hues harmonize with copper.

DAVINCI Shake and Slate Warm Tones are a natural with copper

Copper complements gray beautifully at all stages of the patina process.  Every black and gray tone from deep Slate Black to the silvery brown of Weathered Gray plays well with copper accents.DAVINCI Shake and Slate Gray Tones

Green is another excellent color with copper. The greenish tones of Mossy Cedar, Evergreen, and Weathered Green contrast with this warm metal bringing out the beauty of the other.

DAVINCI Shake and Slate Green TonesMore Tips for Selecting the Right Copper or Any Other Type of Accent

It can sometimes be a bit tricky to find the right combination for your primary and accent roof. Allow me to give you a few tips to make it much easier.

The reason for an accent element is to give the home more character. To help this stand out in the best way possible, have a clear difference between the materials—for example, copper with shakes, metal with slate, or even slate with shakes.

Look for materials with some variation in color rather than attempting to match the colors exactly. The colors will never precisely match as light reflects on these surfaces differently.

Select an accent color that blends with your roof’s tone. It can be a single color or mix of colors, but overall should complement your house’s roof and other elements, such as window frames or other fixed features.

A turret adds to the architecture of a home and often features an alternate material on the roof. The roof above a porch or bay window are other areas to add an accent color. Calling attention to an attractive feature with a beautiful accent is a great idea. Taking the time to find the right color is worth the effort that will pay off in the amount of curb appeal it adds to your home.

For more examples of gorgeous roofs visit our gallery.

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