Crazy Exterior Color Schemes

I just finished putting together the color schemes and product wish lists for the finalists in the Shake It Up Color Contest. All the while I was working on it I wondered if any of those lucky homeowners were apprehensive of just how much color I was going to recommend for their home. It seems that sometimes people think that just because I love color that I am going to give them something over the top bright or wild.

Crazy Home Exteriors

No need for them to worry. I know most people don’t want to live in a brightly colored home even if they love looking at them online. What is it that compels us to share images of over-the-top colorful homes over and over again on Facebook or post and reposted on Pinterest?

I think it goes back to our childhood and the colorful houses and castles from storybooks, movies and our imagination. It is fun to enjoy a little eye candy and feel like a kid again. Even if you prefer to live in a plain vanilla home, admit it. There is that kid is still inside of you that would be smitten with a rainbow ranch or tutti fruti tudor. This post is for that kid.

Rainbow House On Clipper St.

One of the most popular painted places is the Rainbow House On Clipper St. in San Francisco, CA. I know I had this scheme in the pages of one of my color books. How about you?

Heidelberg Project Dots

The Polka Dot House is part of Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project, which has assembled public art installations from discarded materials since 1986, inspiring Detroit communities beset by deep poverty.

Pixar ‘UP’ Inspired House

How about a real home inspired by the Pixar movie ‘UP’? According to the movie may have been based on a real-life home that isn’t quite as colorful as this one.

Salsa House

This builder combined reclaimed and new materials to build a colorful home in Seattle, WA that has taken on a name that seems a great fit – the Salsa House.

Jazzed Up New Orleans Style

Jazzed Up New Orleans Style often includes lots of color and this over the top scheme is one that pushes the color boundaries in a city where just about anything goes.

Color Me Brightly

Is this row of Brightly Colored homes where the M&M characters live?

Hot Pink And Orange

Holy Hot Hues! I bet I know what this gal’s favorite crayon colors were.

Spotted Townhouse

This town home spotted in Sweden is as colorful as soap bubbles in the sun.

Mondrian House

The last home may be a bit more sophisticated but the colors on this Mondrian House are purely kid-friendly primaries.

Isn’t it fun to look at these colorful homes? I had fun finding them for you and suddenly want to get out my big box of crayons. 🙂

I think you’ll also enjoy seeing the full color renderings of five finalists in the Shake It Up Color Contest so mark your calendar to visit DaVinci Roofscapes Facebook page between May 19, 2014 to June 1, 2014 to vote for your favorite.