Custom Blends vs. Custom Colors

DaVinci Custom BlendAt DaVinci, we are known for the colors of our designer roof products.  We are also known for our customer service when it comes to creating YOUR custom colors. Let me clarify.

If you are familiar with our products, then you know that we have a large variety of color blends that come from our 49 standard colors that we regularly stock for all our of profiles – including our shake and slate tiles.

From our stock colors, many folks enjoy creating their own custom blends using our online color tool. So in other words, if you are checking out our manufactured slate color blends and like the tan color in the Aberdeen blend and then you like one of the colors that is in the Autumn blend in our Shake line, then you could request a custom blend of those two colors.

And let’s say that you have a creative streak and want to design your own roof color in HOT PINK roof. Hot pink is not a color we stock; therefore that is a custom color. Of course, if you want 3 shades of hot pink for your roof, then that would be a custom color custom blend.

A custom color is going to cost a bit more than a standard color or blend because we have to special order the color you’re looking for – match it, and approve the color before we produce the tiles. Rest assured that our Project Specialists will walk you through the entire process start to finish, and beyond.

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