DaVinci Crayons for the Roof

Have you heard? DaVinci Roofscapes makes it so easy to add color to your roof, it’s like having crayons for your home!

A quick visit to the online DaVinci Color Studio puts “roofing crayons” at your fingertips. Here you can see the 49 unique colors available for DaVinci polymer roof tiles, view standard color blend options plus make up your own personal signature roofing color blend.

The Color Designer tool allows you to customize your synthetic roof color palette with two, three, four or even five colors (depending on the profile you select)! Just click and play until you create the roof color blend that you think will look best on your home. And, if you’re “color challenged” we have national color expert Kate Smith’s two color guidebooks available for free downloading on this site too!

As the television commercials often say, “but wait … there’s more!” At the DaVinci Color Studio you can ask Kate personal color questions about your roof, watch a video on composite roof color selections and even learn how you can request a custom “just for me” color be created for your DaVinci luxury roof!

Don’t Let Color Be Confusing  … it all starts with a quest for color and a visit to the DaVinci Color Studio … so get started!