DaVinci Shake as Siding

Our polymer shake looks lovely up on a roof but that's not the only place to use it. It can also be used as DaVinci Shake Used as Siding and on Roofsiding and several projects have done just that with beautiful results. In the Midwest, the high humidity index during the summer months can cause problems with algae growth on natural wooden tiles. Such problems can get to the point where the shake or shingle siding needs to be replaced and after hearing about the algae resistant properties of DaVinci Shake, some Midwestern homeowners are opting to use our products for both the roof and for siding. In addition to staying algae-free, DaVinci shake will keep looking beautiful for decades and won't crack or crumble after several freeze and thaw cycles.

The natural, realistic look of our shake makes it an increasingly popular choice for home and business owners who are looking for a roof and siding that shows the classic beauty of real shake without its disadvantages. Based on what some contractors have been telling us, it seems like using our shake as siding seems to be catching on. The natural look, protection that our polymer roof tiles provide, and the endless variety of gorgeous color blends makes our tiles a good choice for anyone in search of long-lasting, beautiful siding that requires very little maintenance.

See some images of projects that use our shake as siding over on Megan's blog!

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