Design Your Own Roofing Color Blend

Your house is your home but it is also a reflection or your personality and style.  That makes choosing colors and materials even that much more…well…personal.  It also means that a one-size fits all solution will rarely be right for you.  Or that given even a dozen or more options you still might not find one that is exactly right for you and your home.

You want what you want but you don’t want it to be a hassle to get or have it cost more.  Can that even be possible?  The answer is YES!

Designing your own custom color blend for an environmentally friendly roof has never been easier or more affordable.  With just a few clicks of the DaVinci Color Designer you can have the look you desire at the same price as a standard color or blend.

To show you just how easy it is to build a custom blend I’ve put together this quickstart guide.

Choose either cedar shake alternative or rubber slate roof
Step 1: Select the type of material – Shake or Slate?

Step 2: Select the type of product – Single-Width or Multi-Width DaVinci?

Step 3: Get a feel for how the Color Designer works. I have found the easiest way to do this is to start by choosing the same color for all. Notice below how all five color options are selected as Light Gray? Start there.
A custom blend created in the Color Design does not increase the synthetic shake cost
Step 4: You can now change one number at a time to see which areas are changing. I suggest starting by changing one color, get an idea how much of the area changes, then try another. This allows you to see how changing the color on the right changes the look of the roofing blend.
Custom blend a class A fire rated roof for your home
Look at each number one at a time always returning the remaining numbers to the original color.
Have you ever seen a plastic shake roof look so good?
Isn’t that easy?
These lightweight tiles are perfect in any color combination
You’ve got it now. Isn’t if fun to be able to click a button and see a new color instantly appear? You’re well on your way to being a custom roofing blend designer.
Lightweight Tiles in Great Colors = Good

Step 5: Find your perfect color blend. At this point you should have a good idea of how each click will change your custom blend. Now the fun begins. You can click through the colors making your own blends in seconds.

Keep creating until you come up with a blend of lightweight tiles that you love.

This blend would be perfect for green roof construction
Congratulations! You have mastered the art of designing your own color blend!
Step 6: Finally, hit the print button. You’ll want to printout your custom design masterpiece.
You are ready to order your sustainable roofing
Step 7: Order your new lightweight roofing materials. You’re ready to purchase the roof you’ve designed. The best part is that if you can create the blend in the color designer it will cost no more than one of the standard colors or blends. The good news for your roofing contractor is that it is a breeze to install.
based on European color blend
Step 8: Stand back and admire your beautiful results. Don’t be surprised if your friends, family and neighbors all join you. Just be ready for them to be amazed when they learn you designed it yourself!