Do You Have Questions about Polymer Roof Tiles?

While polymer roofing products have been around for a few decades, many homeowners and business owners might not be fully versed on the product.

Questions about DaVinci?DaVinci Roofscapes produces composite slate shingles that are carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of natural slate roofs. For those who desire the natural appearance of hand-split shake shingles or machine-sawn shake, our composite shake shingles are reminiscent of the texture of natural cedar, but with unsurpassed durability and a life cycle savings of up to 50% compared to natural shake roofing. DaVinci utilizes a proprietary state-of-the-art engineered polymer to deliver durability and beauty for years to come.

What questions do you have about polymer roof tiles?

Did you know we have a frequently asked questions section on our website too?  You might browse through our FAQs and then see if you have additional questions – or,  you are welcome, of course, to ask your question in the comment section below.

Do you have question about color?  You might be interested in submitting a photo of your home or building to our color designer Kate to get expert advice on the right color and DaVinci profile that will look best on your roof.

Do you have an installation question?  Ask our tech expert, Tim Gentry. Also, be sure to check out his blog – Up on the Roof.

We love to answer questions about our products! They are revolutionary in the roofing industry (so they are fun to talk about) and we love to share our knowledge.

Do you have a question about our products? Feel free to ask us – we’re here to help.