Do You Need a Roof Doctor?

You're feeling great, so why head to the doctor? The answer … for a check-up to make sure you continue to feel great.

Roof DamageIt's the same for your roof. A yearly check-up can help your roof live a longer, healthier life. And, if you're roof isn't feeling well (the symptoms can include missing shingles or pock-marked tiles from roof hail damage) then the check-up will help you identify the problem and hopefully find the solution.

We have some roof system check-up tips to share with you from DaVinci Roofscapes.

First of all, if you have steep slope roofing or you're not sure how to evaluate your roof, then hire a professional. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) can provide you with a listing of professional roofers in your area along with additional information on how to check up on your wood shake roof or slate roof. (See NRCA a Resource for Roof Shoppers)

If you decide to do your own evaluation, then get out the binoculars and the ladder. Stand across the street or at a good vantage point with binoculars and carefully look at the condition of your roof. Or, you can get up on the ladder to inspect the roof.

Look for problem areas, such as missing or broken shingles, along with roofing tiles that may be “flapping” in the wind. These are indications that a new roof may be in your future.

Wood Shake RoofHere are a few extra tips:

– Check the sides of your roof. The southern exposure weathers significantly faster than the other sides of the roof, so make sure to carefully examine this one.

– Look closely at shallower pitched areas of your roof. These weather faster than steeper pitches. If your roof has a shallow pitch — like a shed dormer — make certain you can clearly see it to get a true indication of the condition of your roof.

For more ways to check up and check out your roof, visit Happy National Roofing Week!