Don’t Forget Snowguards – Even in the Summer!

DaVinci Roof with SnowguardChances are in these nice spring months you've been outside in your yard – doing a little "spring cleaning" of your shrubs, planting flowers and more. You may have noticed the damage that the heavy snow tumbling off your roof did to your shrubs over the winter. You might also wonder how to prevent that from occurring again next year.

Your answer is snowguards.

Snowguards are metal ledges, if you will, that help hold snow in place, so that it melts slowly and doesn't avalanche off your roof onto bushes, cars or anything else that might be below. If you are considering a new roof, be sure you include snowguards.

Did you know that snowguards can be easily retrofitted on an existing DaVinci luxury roof? Another advantage of our plastic roofing materials – it is really easy to have a professional roofer retrofit snowguards onto your roof. 

Do you have a DaVinci roof with snowguards? Which kind did you choose? How are they working out for you?  Tell us more about your experience with snowguards in the comments below.

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