Dress Up Your Exterior with Tips from Our Color Expert

In the roofing industry, DaVinci is known for our color options.  In fact, we have many standard colors and blends to choose from – which most customers are surprised to discover. But, we didn't want to stop there.

As we received calls and inquiries from home and business owners, we realized there was more need for color options and advice when it comes to roofs.

So, as a result, we've created the DaVinci Color Studio – where you will find:

  • Custom Color Tool: This tool is so fun!  I have to admit that sometimes I will just play with color for fun!  If you've got that designer instinct – you'll love this tool
  • Ask Kate, the Color Expert: Know you want DaVinci, but don't know what color blend to go with? Submit a photo of your home and our color expert, Kate, will take a look at it and make a recommendation.  Of course, if you plan on changing the exterior colors of your home or anything along those lines, be sure to mention that with your submission.
  • Kate's 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Color Hues for Your Home – a PDF that will help you sort out which color hues are right for your home.
  • Kate's Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior – a PDF that will help you figure out which exterior colors work well with your home.
  • Kate's Blog – Kate submits content regularly to our blog where she shares color tips and tricks.

An additional resource we have available is Kate's color video to help you make the best color choices and boost your home's curb appeal!

Having trouble viewing the video? Click here to view now.

Did you go with DaVinci?  What color did you end up choosing and why?  Please leave your comments in the section below.