Dressing Up Our Summer Ocean Home – What Color Shake Should We Use?

Hi. We recently bought a summer/ocean house in Rumson, NJ. it will under go extensive interior renovation and some exterior but we want to maintain the weathered grey, shake exterior look with white trim windows with a more casual summer house feel. there will be a porch and turret with a tin roof color not determined yet. We want to use your product for the roof and like some of the three color combos mixing and matching the greys, blue/light purple and lighter green colors but could use some help!

We didn’t see any picture examples of a house like that so am reaching out for some thoughts.

Thank you,

Noushin and Greg Framke

Greg Framke
Rumson, NJ
Product: Multi-Width Slate DaVinci


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Framke,

I think you have a great idea for topping off your seaside home that will give it a casual yet distinctive look.

It is difficult for me to see the color of your siding in the image so I am giving two examples of blends that might work and how you can think about your exact color selections.

The first blend is Green Stone, Light Purple and Dark Purple. The Green Stone is a muted green that could blend with your siding rather than match. The two purples are also muted yet colorful enough to give the look you are after. By using two tones of the same color mixed with the Green Stone. It keeps the look interesting without getting too busy.

The second blend is a slightly different variation on this idea. Light Green and Medium Gray although different colors visually blend together and are punctuated by the Dark Purple. You have both variation on value (lightness/darkness) as well as color. Again you are keeping the colors a bit muted as to work well with the shakes on your siding.

You can play with the Color Designer online but to get you started but play with the color samples as well to see how the colors work together. I would begin by choosing one of the colors in about the same value as your siding that matches or blend with the color. Then chose two or more other colors that you like with this color. Check your scheme by looking at the small chips together. You can then work with Katie Wheeler, the DaVinci Roofscapes Project Specialist for your area, to get larger samples of the colors so you can confirm you choice.

I hope that helps get you started in personalizing your roof. I think your home is going to look great with this look.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert