Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Bark Hand-Split Shake Siding

Deep brown on a home can give it a look of distinction that lighter colors just can’t achieve. DaVinci hand-split shake siding in Bark captures the richness of brown and the texture of shake to create a winning look for any home.

1. Multi-Width Shake – Black Oak – Bark Brown Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Add DaVinci Black Oak shake a blend that has the look of a naturally aged shake to add even more character to your home. Then finish the look with a touch of bold color on the front door.

2. Select Shake – Autumn – Bark Brown Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Everyone loves fall colors and DaVinci captured their beauty in the Autumn blend. Atop Bark hand-split siding and warm accent colors, you will enjoy the breathtaking colors of fall year-round.

3. Select Shake – Tahoe – Bark Brown Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Tahoe and Bark are perfect color partners. They compliment each other without being too much alike. With these two colors, you can use just about any trim and accent colors. One combination I like is to use a slightly grayed off white for the trim and a sunny gold for the front door.

4. Province Slate – Smokey Gray – Bark Brown Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Brown and gray may not seem like colors that would work well together but look at historic homes. This is a combination that has been used on some of the finest homes throughout history. Black and gray to a roof is like what blue denim is to jeans — they both go with just about anything. My suggestion for pulling this look together is cooler colors for your trim and accent colors. Cool colors for your trim, door and shutters such as blue or blue-green will give you a more cohesive look than warm red or burgundy.

5. Multi-Width Slate – Brownstone – Bark Brown Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Hunter green with Bark is fabulous and can go rustic and casual or traditional and formal. It only depends on the style of home because this scheme has universal appeal. For a traditional home, Brownstone is a nice choice or for a woodsy setting Black Oak would be a great roof color.

I put these five color schemes together as inspiration as you choose your new roof but they are only a few of dozens of color palettes. You can find many more in a wide range of colors on the DaVinci Roofscapes blog. Enjoy!