Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Black Oak Hand-Split Shake Siding

Going dark as the main color on the outside of a home has been trending. Navy blue, chocolate brown, and charcoal gray have all become popular exterior colors. Some brave homeowners have even painted their homes black a color that would have been unheard of for exteriors a decade ago. If you have a desire to go to the dark side of the color spectrum, I have a great option for you — Black Oak! It is a deep rich color that combines brown and black with the look of hand-split shake siding.

1. Select Shake – Tahoe – Black Oak Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Bark is gorgeous with a Tahoe shake roof that brings the brown tones in the siding to life. Use a light neutral on the trim and a standout color like mallard green for the front door and shutters.

2. Select Shake – Weathered Gray – Black Oak Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

The naturally aged look of Black Oak paired with Weathered Gray on the roof is reminiscent of the Cape Cod homes that line the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

3. Province Slate – Slate Gray – Black Oak Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Shake is not your only roof option. Black Oak goes perfectly with slate. Create a winning look with Slate Gray, cool neutral trim and a toned-down accent color.

4. Multi-Width Slate – Smokey Gray – Black Oak Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Or go a little darker on the roof with Smokey Gray. This cool, deep gray slate looks great with blue accents. Pull the look together with a warm beige trim that plays up the warmth of Black Oak.

5. Single-Width Slate – Evergreen – Black Oak Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

While green might not be the first color that pops into your head when thinking about a slate roof, Evergreen is worth a look. The natural slate green tones and brown-black of Black Oak are natural partners. Keep the trim quiet but let the front door shout out the color with a slightly brighter green. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you love the look of your home with this earthy combination.

For additional inspiration and information about color, pop over to the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio. You’ll find downloadable ebooks, the visualizer tool, and even personalized color advice.