Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Granite Hand-Split Shake Siding

Granite is a new color for DaVinci Roofscapes but in hand-split siding, it is an instant classic. The color makes it a universal neutral for siding and beautiful paired with a wide range of accent colors. Below, I am showing soft to medium tone palettes but Granite can work equally well with bolder hues.

1. Multi-Width Shake – Weathered Gray – Granite exterior color schemes shake siding

Weathered Gray and Granite together create a soft beauty that is best brought out by quiet colors. Gentle white with a touch of gray and an accent color in the lightest tones pulled from the siding, make a divine scheme.

2. Select Shake – Mountain – Granite exterior color schemes shake siding

Hand-split siding adds just the right amount of texture to this monochromatic scheme. Add contrast with the deep, grayish-brown of Mountain Shake.

3. Province Slate – Castle Gray – Granite exterior color schemes shake siding

Granite and Castle Gray set the stage for a variety of color options. Blue plays up the cool side of this color scheme and a toned neutral creates a line that ties these colors together with a bow.

4. Multi-Width Slate – Weathered Green – Granite exterior color schemes shake sidingWeathered Green Slate is a color that you might not give a second look simply because it is green. However, this blend does not scream green nor is it the only tile color in the mix. Give this roof color a second look. When topping off Granite Hand-split siding your neighbors may just be green with envy when they see your new look.

5. Single-Width Slate – Slate Gray – Granite exterior color schemes shake siding

Relax into an exterior color scheme of Granite and pale blue-gray. This serene scheme invites you to leave your cares on the doorstep and come inside this happy home.

Now, it is your turn to get the creative juices flowing to come up with just the right color palette for your home. If you need some help, visit the DaVinci Color Studio where you’ll find loads of tool and great advice on choosing your exterior color scheme.