Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Mossy Cedar Hand-Split Shake Siding

Have you ever been walking in a quiet forest and come upon a bed of moss? It feels as if nature has covered part of the earth with calm and serenity. It invites you to stop and breathe in the revitalizing energy of the woods. DaVinci Mossy Cedar shake siding captures that moment and wraps your home in the peaceful feelings evoked by nature.

1. Single-Width Shake – Mountain – mossy cedar Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Highlight the subtle green of Mossy Cedar by using neutral trim and putting a bolder green on the front door. Top this look off with deep grayish-brown Mountain Shakes on the roof.

2. Multi-Width Shake – Tahoe – Mossy Cedar Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

An almost monochromatic scheme includes Tahoe Shakes is great with this color hand-split siding. A range of warm brown tones allows the mellow green of Mossy Cedar to peak through.

3. Select Shake – Chesapeake – Mossy Cedar Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Pair Chesapeake with Mossy Cedar. Although one is grayer and the other browner both have a greenish color cast that brings them together as a perfect pair.

4. Multi-Width Slate – European – Mossy Cedar Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Go beyond the expected by partnering European with Mossy Cedar. Tie the colors together with a neutral trim that leans gray and a reddish door color picked up from the accent tile on the roof.

5. Single-Width Slate – Smokey Gray – Mossy Cedar Shake Siding Exterior Color Schemes

Keep the look classic with a mix of slate and shake in a green and blue scheme. Adding a toned-down blue and light gray trim to Mossy Cedar gives a nod to the cool tones in Smokey Gray.

Enjoy the refreshing feeling you can create on your home with Mossy Cedar. For even more inspiration for color schemes, check out Exterior Color Schemes With Mossy Cedar.