Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Slate Blue Hand-Split Shake Siding

DaVinci hand-split shake siding in Slate Blue looks quite gray at first glance but take a closer look and you’ll see the cool undertones. It is this touch of blue that gives Slate Blue its depth and beauty.

It also makes Slate Blue a great exterior color for anyone who wants to get away from the neutrals that are seen everywhere but not too far away.1. Select Shake – Tahoe – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

You might think that with Slate Blue that you need to put gray on the roof but that isn’t the case. Tahoe plays up the blue undertones perfectly. Add a grayed green on the front door to complete palette inspired by Mother Earth.

2. Multi-Width Shake – Mountain – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

Say hooray for red, white and blue! Just step it down to less vivid versions of these three colors to create a winning palette for your home exterior.

3. Select Shake – Weathered Gray – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

Bring out the softer side of Slate Blue with a Weathered Gray roof and soft blue and white accents. These colors are sure to make your place feel like a restful retreat.

4. Province Slate – Slate Gray – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

Slate Gray and Slate Blue are perfect partners. Putting these two side-by-side blends their similarities while playing up their differences. The warmth of Slate Gray comes out next to cool Slate Blue and enhances the blue undertones of the hand-split siding.

5. Multi-Width Slate – Slate Black – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

A combination of Slate Black and Slate Blue could come across as a bit austere or buttoned-up. All you have to do to loosen up the look is to add warm accents like creamy white and gold for your friendliness factor to go off the charts.

6. Single-Width Slate – European – Slate Blue siding exterior color schemes

Most American’s love traditional style and Slate Blue plays in that arena well. Pair it with European on the roof. Then bring the look together with soft gray trim and deep maroon red that picks up on the accent tiles in the roof. Gorgeous!

We put the color ideas above together for you to use directly or to serve as an inspiration to get you started on your own scheme. Whether you use one of these palettes or create your own, we can’t wait to see what colors you use with DaVinci hand-split siding in Slate Blue.

If you want to create a unique look or to boost your color confidence in building your own color palette, visit the DaVinci Color Studio where you’ll find loads of tool and great advice for creating an exterior color scheme perfect for your home.