Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Sage Hand-Split Shake Sage Green Siding

DaVinci hand-split siding in sage green is a well-balanced color that will welcome you home and give you an added dose of peace of mind at the end of a long day.

As an exterior color, sage is a hue linked to the natural environment. As a siding color, it can act like a chameleon, appearing warm or cool depending on the colors you pair with it.

Pairing Sage Siding with More Green

Single-Width Slate – Weathered Gray – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

If you are going to go green, you may choose to go all the way. Find a deeper shade of sage for your accent color, then pull them both together with Weathered Gray shakes and a light neutral in a similar gray tone. The final outcome is a stunning home exterior in deep, earthy tones.

Pairing Sage Siding with Brown Tones

Select Shake – Mountain – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

As they’re both found commonly together in nature, brown and green are natural color partners. However, DaVinci’s Sage siding and Mountain shake are an especially attractive pair. Give this pairing added polish with a rich brown accent color and a much lighter creamy green for an easy pop.

4. Select Shake – Autumn – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

If your home colors are feeling a bit too dark for your taste, you can lighten up your brown and sage color scheme with Autumn shakes. Then add a slightly grayed white and soft brown as accents. This is a perfect palette for creating a less formal look on your home’s exterior.

2. Multi-Width Shake – Tahoe – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

Another variation on the brown and sage scheme is to go gray rather than brown for your neutral and accent color. As it’s another soft neutral, gray blends very well with DaVinci Sage and the natural color variations in our Tahoe shakes.

Pairing Sage Siding with Blues and Grays


Sage with blue is a forever favorite and one that people will be drawn to when it comes to a home. Top off this relaxing color scheme by adding DaVinci Slate in Smokey Gray to keep things cool.

6. Multi-Width Slate – Slate Gray – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

Sometimes the best way to accent your siding color is to go lighter rather than darker. For this sage green siding and gray color scheme, a hazy green-gray is just right with DaVinci Sage siding, a warm white trim, and a DaVinci Slate Gray roof. The result is a gorgeous, cool palette.

7. Single-Width Slate – Slate Black – Sage exterior color schemes shake siding

For a final scheme, the pendulum sways back to the dark range of accent colors landing on a deep, cool green that is often mistaken for charcoal gray. Keep this scheme classic with DaVinci Slate Black and a warm neutral like a creamy tan-white.

For even more color scheme inspiration, check out our Best Exterior Color Scheme Match for Your DaVinci Roof resource.

This blog was originally published August 7, 2019.

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