Exterior Color Schemes: Slate Black Roof Recommendations

Slate Black is a timeless roofing color applied to every style of construction from ultra modern to traditional homes. The look of stone extracted from the earth centuries ago, has continued to be a popular choice. Its exterior color versatility is a major advantage in home design.

For your Slate Black roof you can follow my “top down” approach, to give your home a FRESH Color Scheme. To give you a few ideas for your home, I have selected five favorite exterior color palettes to inspire you to create one of your own or your can use one of the schemes I have created.


DaVinci Slate Black paired with creamy beige exterior paint provides a powerfully bold contrast. The tan painted trim creates depth. A fiery accent to a neutral palette, Red, gives an unexpected highlight to intricate windows and door paneling. The mixture of these three tones, produce unique and impactful curb appeal.

Slate Black Roof Color Scheme


Some say gray has become the new beige. It is a simply sleek color option that leaves room for more vibrant colors. Gray acts as a blank canvas. In this color combination, black and red inject personality into the home. This use of color could mimic a downtown townhouse with a brick & pavement metropolitan vibe.

Slate Black Roof Color Scheme

Banana Cream

When done right, yellow is a color that can add instant appeal to a home but care must be taken to pick a shade that is not too bright or so light that it reads cream instead of yellow. A light golden yellow and creamy white trim say that someone happy lives inside. Classic choices for the front door are black or red. You can go with a true red or tone it down and go toward red-orange as shown.

Slate Black Roof Color Scheme

Deep Sea Dive

This teal color scheme features a bold main color surrounded by white trim, with a touch of red. Blue-green and red-orange are opposite to one another on the color wheel. This indicates complimentary colors, thus a perfect pair. A lighter roof would seem unfinished, but the Black Slate roof completes the adventurous color choice.

Slate Black Roof Color Scheme


The house below offers a mixed materials approach. Stonework accompanied by beige siding produces a monochromatic tone. Golden undertones harmonize with the stone for a unified look. To enhance the stone texture, use a dark golden undertone. This will accent the stone texture. The trim with black shutters creates a uniform look with the Slate Black roof.

Slate Black Roof Color Scheme

Will the boldness of the black roof tiles last? DaVinci’s 49 standard colors are composed from a polymer that has been a game-changer for the industry, standing the test of time. For added piece of mind, all DaVinci products come equipped with a worry-free 50 year limited warranty.

See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Shake roof in Slate Black or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.

**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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