Exterior Color Schemes: Slate Gray Roof Recommendations

Choosing a color scheme for your home exterior? If you are feeling both excited and overwhelmed, you are not alone. You may be thrilled about updating the look of your home. At the same time, you may be inundated with the hundreds of colors and an infinite number of color combinations.

I understand. Over the years, with my help, hundreds of homeowners have gone from feeling paralyzed by the number of choices to confidently selecting their colors. Now I want to help you have that same feeling of satisfaction that comes with creating a beautiful home exterior.

When creating an exterior color palette, I always use my “top down” approach, which starts by looking at the color of the roof. From there, I follow my FRESH steps to choose each color. To save you the time, I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes for each of the top roofing colors. This can shortcut the process and give you an exact color scheme to use or inspire you to create one of your own much more quickly.

The most popular choice for roofing is gray. It is also trending as a top choice of for exterior paint color, too. So for my first post, I will give you my Slate Gray roof recommendations. Look for other colors in my post that follow.

Orange Maple

The boldness of a main exterior color, such as orange, will be tamed by a slate gray roof. Gray acts as a neutral creating unified curb appeal. The gray shutters also help to make a connection between the roof and the color on the house.

davinci slate gray color scheme with orange maple, scotch mist, and dover gray

Bone Black

A gray exterior can feel calm and cool. The vibrant yellow front door keeps the look from feeling too sedate. The dark gray accent provides depth while the off-white trim is a healthy contrast to the gray.

davinci slate gray color scheme with bone black, capitol white, lampblack, and governor's gold

Agreeable Gray

Pale gray and blue become grounded by the Slate Gray tone in roofing. The subtle hint of brown in the main exterior paint color is easily complimented by blue and more pronounced when set next to the Slate Gray roof.

davinci slate gray color scheme with agreeable gray, pearly white, and blithe blue

Smoke Embers

Play up the cool tones of gray with a blue, green or teal accent color. These cool tones give the gray an edgy flare perfect for understated design. Slate Gray roofing is a natural pairing with any blue tones.

davinci slate gray color scheme with smoke embers, nimbus, hale navy, and bermuda turquoise

Chelsea Gray

Gray on green is fun to pronounce, but even more fun to paint. The trio of light, medium and dark gray keep the exterior of the home interesting while providing variety at the same time.

davinci slate gray color scheme with chelsea gray, fleur de sell, westchester gray, and tansy green

Do more than just dream, visualize. See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Slate roof in Slate Gray or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.

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**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.