Exterior Color Schemes: Smokey Gray Roof Recommendations

Not quite light gray, but not exactly black. Smokey Gray is in a color category all on its own. Smokey Gray DaVinci Slate features an attractive deep charcoal color with beautiful texture. Best of all it works well with just about all home exterior colors it covers.

Smokey Gray is one of the colors that is easy to fall in love with. It is a color that has the classic, good looks of Slate Black toned down with the down-to-earth appeal of Slate Gray.

It’s perfect for those who can’t decide between black and gray because you don’t have to. Let the natural light decide. Sometimes the roof will look more gray, sometimes more black. You’ll have the best of both colors.

All that will be left to do is choose your exterior color scheme but don’t worry that is just as easy as choosing Smokey Gray. Use a “top down” approach by following my FRESH steps to choose each color.

To get started, I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes. This can shortcut the process and give you an exact color scheme to use or inspire you to create one of your own much more quickly.

Stonington Gray

A smokey gray roof with a delicate gray exterior is a perfect fit. The white trim adds to the refined style. A warm front door color on this stately scheme is inviting to all.

DV Slate SW Smokey Gray-VariBlend_with house


Gray Stone

The beauty of a gray main exterior color is its ability to blend with an endless number of colors. Any two harmonious colors pair with gray add exciting accent to the neutral scheme. Historic American colors red and blue, for example, put a patriotic spin on an exterior scheme.

Smokey Gray Gray Stone


Smoky Quartz

A neutral exterior is not for everyone, either are bold or bright colors. When looking for a middle of the road color try Smoky Quartz a soft color that will blend with neutral neighbors. A deeper tone used on the front door in the same shade evokes sophisticated style.

Smokey Gray Smoky Quartz


Williamsburg Wythe Blue

Colonial blue, a time-honored home exterior color has the can stand on its own or blend in with less colorful homes in a neighborhood. A deep blue-green door provides a historical touch to this outstanding exterior.

Smokey Gray Williamsburg Wythe Blue


Dried Thyme

Green is an incredibly versatile home color that blends with just about any roof color. A muted green that effortlessly walks the line between warm and cool is a favorite exterior shade with Smokey Gray roofing. Soft gray trim and a bolder green front door makes for unique curb appeal.

DV Slate MW Smokey Gray


Do more than just dream, visualize. See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Slate roof in Smokey Gray or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.

**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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