Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Taupe Hand-Split Shake Siding

The warm neutral tones of DaVinci Taupe hand-split siding work beautifully with a wide range of other home exterior colors. Taupe can work with brown and gray roofing options. It also works equally well in both warm and cool color schemes.  Here are five exterior color schemes that pair taupe with a light neutral. These color palettes are sure to inspire the colors scheme for any style home.

 shake siding exterior color schemes

With a darker DaVinci Shake roof like Black Oak, a soft neutral main color is a great choice. The same color can be used for both body and trim. Accents in a dark brown that is almost black are a strong contrast that will draw attention to the front door, windows or other architectural details.

 shake siding exterior color schemes

When partnering Taupe with a light neutral, the textures of the roof and siding and a well-chosen accent color to give your home personality.

4. Province Slate – Slate Black – Taupe shake siding exterior color schemes

With a Black Slate roof topping off a home exterior with Taupe siding, it would be easy to go with an accent color of black or gray. But the easy solution is the one most people will choose. Why not go with something just a little different and pick a blue, green or brown that is almost as dark as black instead. It is a more unexpected and interesting choice.

5. Multi-Width Slate – Brownstone – Taupe - shake siding exterior color schemes

Keep the warmth of the marriage of Brownstone and Taupe going by choosing a light neutral with golden undertones. Then complete the scheme with a deep but not too dark gold for the front door.

6. Single-Width Slate – Evergreen – Taupe shake siding exterior color schemes

Evergreen is the perfect cover for a home with Taupe. The colors harmonize with nature anchoring a home into its setting. Continue playing up the natural palette with a light stone-colored neutral and green front door.

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