Exterior Color Trend Schemes – Part Three

When life is fantastic, these exterior color schemes create an environment that feels spacious enough to expand your thinking. When life’s challenges arise, the colors in this comforting palette create a space of solace and protection. For 2020-2021 color trends create a retreat just right for contemplation and contentment.

Well-Lived: Color Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Softness in color and tactile materials drive designs that nurture the spirit. The feel of a surface is as important as its look and must appeal to all of our senses — First Light, Golden Straw, Crystalline, Individual White, and Light Drizzle are colors that embody this mood.

What’s Driving the Color Schemes?

Whether at home, work or out in the world, we seek spaces where we can be ourselves to do and dream. To confidently breathe in life and calmly exhale our truth. We desire authenticity and ease in all that is essential to life.

How is this Trend Influencing Design?

Design goes beyond “form follows function” as materials and technology are integrated to produce designs focused on well-being. Using what scientists have learned about how visual aesthetics can impact our brains and physiology, designers employ color, lighting, sounds, scents, and textures to stimulate our senses.

Exterior Color Schemes for 2020 and Beyond

Exterior Color Schemes Chesapeake Sliced Cucumber

Lighten up the look of your exterior with atmospheric greens and blues that magically merge with the sky and landscape. This is a color scheme that puts your mind at peace before you even step inside.

2021 Color Trends Chesapeake Amazing Gray

A tried and true neutral scheme of taupe and white are uplifted with a sunny color of the front door to give you a warm “welcome home.”

Exterior Color Schemes Bellaforté Shake Weathered Gray

A hit of pink might not be the first color that comes to mind fora front door but with the soft tone of the bricks and grayed neutrals for the main and trim it is just the touch of color needed to make the exterior color scheme feels special.

Exterior Color Schemes Chesapeake Lambskin

An exterior trimmed in dark brown in contrast to the main color can feel very crisp and buttoned up. Soften the entry with a dreamy blue-green at the front door to let the world know that even the most hard-driving and steady among us need a gentle place to land at the end of the day.

Well-Lived is just one of four directions for color trends. See my other post for 2020-2021 illustrated with more exterior color schemes, Part 1 Full Circle, and Part 2 Go Lightly. Then stay tuned for the final colors in Part 4 Free Spirited.

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