Exterior Color Trends 2012/2013

For 2012 the colors on trend for home exteriors continue to have a strong influence of nature. While the story begins with the environment, the colors are also inspired by technology, science, architecture, fashion and art. These influences can be seen in all of the exterior color trends.

During the next few weeks leading up to my presentation at the International Builders’ Show I will be sharing information about the Color Trends for Home Exteriors for 2012/2013, including how to think about these colors when selecting a color for your siding, lightweight roofing system, replacement windows, or a new front door.

Today, I’m beginning with a glimpse into what is driving the three most influential color ranges: blue, green and neutrals.

Color Trends 2012 Blue

Our focus on clean water as an element essential to life keeps blue flowing into the trend palette for another year. The blue trend is also being inspired by our love of denim. From the darkest indigo to the lightest faded blue, denim speaks to our need for both fashion and function.

Color Trends 2012 Green

“Going green” has become the norm and the movement continues to keep green on trend. Natural yellow green might first come to mind when you think of natures influence but you will see an entire range of greens in 2012. From dark, and mysterious to murky, muddy greens and lush, leaf greens. Versatile green may stand alone, be seen in combination with just about any of the other color families, or be layered tone-on-tone. The one common characteristic that connects all of the variations of green is that they are all drawn from the elements of the unspoiled landscape.

Color Trends 2012 Neutrals

We have gone from asking, "What more can I acquire?" to "Would life be better with less"? A more streamlined life calls for design that employs modern technology, uncomplicated materials and natural colors that make our complex lives easier, or at least seem easier.

Please stop back for some practical advice on how the color trends will be used on home exteriors and which color combinations will work well with your synthetic shake or slate roofing system. Stay tuned for:

  • Color Trends 2012/2013: Blue is Beautiful on 12/28/11
  • Color Trends 2012/2013: Green’s a Natural on 1/11/12
  • Color Trends 2012/2013: Neutrals Get Colorful 1/25/12

Color Expert Kate Smith lends her expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes