Exterior Home Textures Boost Curb Appeal

Boosting your home’s curb appeal can help it stand out. Whether your goal is to personalize the exterior for your own enjoyment or you have plans to sell and want to improve resale value, there is great worth in this pursuit.

To get started, take a logical top to bottom approach, and keep in mind the importance of texture, which can add personality and style to a home.

Start at the roof … and realize you don’t need to say goodbye to the authentic look of real slate or cedar shake roofing in order to have a durable designer roof that’s resistant to the elements. Check out polymer slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes, which resist hail, high winds, fire and other nasty conditions.

DaVinci makes it easy to get the right “top” accent for your home. With 50 different color options and the ability to create custom colors, your roof can boast any color you like. (see "Over the Roof” Color Options Available for color selection assistance)

“Color personalizes every aspect of our lifestyles,” says Kate Smith, president and chief color maven of Sensational Color. “It makes complete sense for homeowners wanting to express themselves through the color of their roof.”

Working your way down the home, add different textures of product, such as stone, brick, stucco or concrete to the siding of the house. Accent with smooth, wood grain, stone or sandstone style trims around the windows, doors and porch areas. And, for added texture to the home, consider a woodgrain entryway made of fiberglass that can be either painted or stained.  

For more style tips for your home’s exterior, click HERE to download the free FRESH Home Exterior Colors Guide, authored by Kate Smith.