Featured Project – Oklahoma

McRay Roofing and Construction out of Oklahoma City knows a thing or two about nasty weather and storm damage. So when they had a client with a tri-laminate roof damaged in a hail storm last year, showing them a Class 4 Impact Rated roof was a no brainer. The homeowner loved the texture of the single-widthSlate roof tiles and chose Slate Black. They installed some copper valleys, copper vent pipes and other copper details and the look was complete. When asked how the roof turned out Jeff McRay, president of McRay Roofing and Construction responded, “It came out beautiful! Here at McRay Roofing & Construction we are just as passionate about bringing out as much beauty to the roof as we are performance and the ability to withstand the Oklahoma weather. DaVinci makes that process a whole lot easier!”


McRay Roofing & Construction