February: Loving Jello, Valentine’s Day and a Fake Shake Roof

double heart graphicLove. Love. Love. The month of February is the most romantic month of the year.

While many focus on Valentine’s Day with their warm thoughts, others just love to focus on Super Bowl Sunday and Mardi Gras as their favorite “holidays” in this lovely month. But, there’s so much more to February.

We’ve done our research and discovered that February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day” and Jello Lovers Week is February 7-13. Do you love pizza, Girls Scout cookies or pancakes? There are specialty days devoted to these tasty treats in this festive month.Fake Cedar Shake

Of course, at DaVinci Roofscapes we’re very tuned in to love — because we get so many comments and calls from homeowners who love their synthetic roofing material. Linda Merrihew is a great example. She didn’t want a composite roof … until she saw the DaVinci simulated shake roofing on a home in her neighborhood. (DaVinci Composite Shake: Seeing is Believing)

“After we visited a few locations so I could actually see it on an entire roof (and not just a picture or a piece), I loved it,” says Merrihew, a resident of Tualitin, Oregon. “Our roof is a huge portion of our house so a single color would have been boring and overpowering. The tri-color grey blend is subtle but just enough to break it up and make it look unique. I love it!”