Figuring Less Than 1 Percent Waste for DaVinci Products

Deciding how much waste should be figured for the different DaVinci roofing products requires a contractor to answer a few questions.

davinci roofing polymer roof tiles and exacto

  • Can the roofing installers be counted on to be careful and save material where they can?
  • If they cut a tile for a valley will they use the remnant on the corresponding hip?
  • On multi-width installation will they measure for the correct tile on the gable end or will they cut the tile and throw away the rest as waste?
  • On single-width will they use the cutoff portion from the right side of a gable and use it on the left?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then DaVinci Multi-Width Slate and Shake can be installed with less than 1 percent waste. That’s unless there are valleys in the roof which don’t have corresponding hips. In that case there is 1 square of waste for every 100 linear feet of valley (that counts both sides of the valley). Single-Width Slate and Shake can be installed with less than 2 percent waste with the same stipulation as above.

valleyInstalling DaVinci Tiles with No Waste

At DaVinci, our Tech Team often tells people that “there is no waste on a hip roof and one square for every 100 lineal feet of valley on a gable roof” when dealing with DaVinci multi-width products.  Installing DaVinci tiles with no waste is a huge competitive advantage. Especially when compared with other steep slope systems where 10 percent or more waste factor is common.

Looking for another way to avoid waste? You’ll find it when cutting tiles for valleys. Just find the correct angle and cut all your tiles with a circular saw. Then use all the valley cuts shown on the right in your valleys. The cuts that are leftover are the perfect angle to use to finish the hips. Not only does this save material, but it also saves time.