Four Shake Profiles – What’s the Difference?

DaVinci manufactures premium roofing shingles that offer the look of cedar shakes and the strength of manmade engineered polymer. Our roofing shingles do not decay or rot like wood, and offer superior fire and wind resistance. They normally weigh less than natural wood shakes, yet DaVinci roofing shingles imitate the texture, shade, and rustic designs of natural wooden roof shakes.

Let’s talk about the various DaVinci profiles:


Multi-Width DaVinci – This cedar shake alternative is available in several of genuine cedar colors. Crafted using pure virgin resins, these shakes are easy to install and are available in a variety of blends. Multiple widths of DaVinci shakes help in creating a natural look that can be applied in a staggered or straight pattern.

Multi-Width DaVinci Shake

Fancy Shake – These polymer cedar tiles are available in varied wood tones and widths of 5”, 7”, and 12”. These 100% recyclable tiles offer the appearance of machine sawn shake.

Fancy Shake

Bellaforté Shake – Natural looking Bellaforté shake shingles use proven polymer technology, are highly durable, and interlock to the next to provide superior wind resistance. These easy-to-install tiles come with a 50-year roof warranty.

Bellaforté Shake Roofing Tiles

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